Human centered design enthusiast with a focus on creating accessible and inclusive products that empower users.

Design Focus: UX/Product Design

Contact: [email protected]

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A little bit about me.

I'm Lana (Lan-uh) DeGuzman (she/her) and product design fires up my passion to solve problems that matter and enhance the human experience! Whether it is making life easier for the user, adding to innovation at your business, or locating a product/market fit — count me in.

My passion for UX stems from mastering the fundamentals of developing user-centered communications and experiences as a marketer and event planner. UX design synergizes my skillset and curiosity for figuring out how to make things faster, easier, and better for users.

I have an eagerness to take on new challenges and bring new meaning to user centered design through creative problem solving, critical design thinking, leadership, and teamwork.

Empathy, passion, and positive energy is how I approach everything.

My love for meeting people has led me to communities like Iterate UX, UX Come Up, and Memorisely.

I’m also…

What has made me a stronger designer.

I've learned and practiced a few things that led me to UX. Big takeaway? Tailor your work to tell the right story and innovate to make life easier for people.

Digital Marketing [Startups]

Event Planning [TEDx]

Customer Care [Dutch Bros Coffee]

What others have to say.

"Lana is great to work with. She asks great questions and dives in to understand the user's needs and turns that around into process maps and workflows, then to wireframes and detailed mockups. I worked with Lana on multiple projects and her work always decreased our development timeline and kept customers thrilled with her work. She worked well as a team and helped not only at the beginning of the project, but added value throughout the effort. She can be serious and very professional on presentations, but her personality shines through pleasantly, putting people at ease and when appropriate, she brings levity to keep people smiling. I would highly recommend Lana for any UX/UI work, whether that be for web designs, custom applications, or process and workflow mappings.”

**Jeff Johnson, Atiba**

IT Leadership Consultant

"I have worked with Lana as fellow UX Designers on three separate teams and her work and contributions are always at 1000% and beyond. She's highly collaborative, always willing to step in wherever help is needed, flexible, and open-minded. Lana is an active and effective listener, always great with asking users, mentors, and stakeholders the right questions. She is incredibly organized and great at planning ahead while generating the resources necessary to approach a project so I will say I've been beyond lucky to have worked with her so much this past year. I have personally learned so much from her organizational methods and continue to seek her guidance in this area."

**Trixy Woodhouse, Nike**

User Experience Designer

"Lana holds a natural talent for multiple areas of the design process. From establishing and executing research plans, formulating a basis from research data. Translating that understanding into illustrative and highly presentable materials, to ultimately curating design assets that elegantly presented strong design decisions, addressing key themes and specific paint points in her projects. Through hard and persistently high-quality work, Lana refines her natural talent into a learned skill and repeatable process that not only results in strong deliverables but a well-rounded design acumen. Grounded in best-practice, yet flexible enough to adapt to any project she faced. I would welcome the chance to work on a team with Lana, as a peer or managing lead."

**Todd Lewis, Ridgeline**

Staff Product Designer

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